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Local government officer

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

Local government officers work in a variety of sectors which affect the community such as transport, housing, education, tourism, usually having direct contact with the public.

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Job description

Local government officers work in a variety of sectors which affect the community such as transport, housing, education, tourism, social work, recreation, IT, finance, human resources and health. Their role involves direct contact with the public, local organisations and a variety of committees to identify issues in these sectors. They assist in the development of suitable policies to tackle problems and improve situations and ensure that, once passed, they are implemented.

Work activities

  • Assisting in the generation, development and implementation of policies and procedures.
  • Preparing briefing papers and reports.
  • Consulting with members of the public, councillors and various public and private organisations.
  • Co-ordinating management teams within specific departments and areas.
  • Managing and evaluating projects.
  • Responding to queries and providing information and advice.
  • Managing budgets and funding.

Work conditions

Travel: work is mainly office-based; travel within the local authority area may be necessary.
Working hours: are mostly 9 to5 office hours.
Location: In the Republic of Ireland there are 29 county councils; there is at least one council for each county. There are 26 local councils in Northern Ireland, including city, borough and district councils.

Entry requirements

For some positions a degree is not always necessary. Entry is possible with any degree discipline but some subjects, such as politics, business studies/management, economics or legal studies may be more beneficial. Any work experience with local authorities is advantageous. Starting as an administrative assistant and working up within a department can also lead into the role.

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