Stockbroker/portfolio manager

Manages the financial portfolios of clients, buying and selling securities and providing advice and risk management based on analyst research.

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Job description

Stockbrokers manage the financial portfolios of their clients, buying and selling securities and providing advice and risk management based on analyst research. They work in investment banks and firms of brokers. Effectively, brokers act as the middle man, bringing buyers and sellers together in the stock market. The main responsibilities of the role include providing investment advice to clients, monitoring Ireland, UK and foreign stock market developments, interpreting financial reports, administering and evaluating clients’ investment holdings, purchasing new share issues and advising clients to buy or sell. The working environment is typically highly pressurised, stressful and competitive, and the decisions carry a lot of responsibility.

An aptitude for mathematics, management, business acumen, skills in IT, and a competitive edge, are all among the skills and characteristics of a stockbroker.

Work activities

  • Monitoring Ireland, UK and foreign market stock market performance and anticipating changes that may affect a client’s financial assets.
  • Making extremely influential financial decisions.
  • Liaising with clients and advising clients on investment, buying and selling.

Work conditions

Travel: may be a feature. Working hours: can be very long and include evenings and weekends. Location: capital cities are typically financial hubs: Ireland’s International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) is in Dublin.

Entry requirements

The profession is generally open to all degree disciplines, business, management or financial-related subjects may be preferred by employers. Suitable courses are offered by institutions across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Computer literacy is essential. Internships and other periods of relevant work experience are very useful for applications in a highly competitive industry.

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