Tax officer/inspector

Calculates the tax liability of businesses and individuals, checks tax returns and identifies tax evasion.

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Job description

Tax officers/inspectors are employed in the Office of the Chief Inspector of Taxes within the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. The office is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the various taxes, and tax inspectors are involved in determining tax liabilities, assisting members of the public with their tax situations, individual and company audits, and investigative work aimed at combating tax evasion.

The Inspector of Taxes grade is the highest level at which staff are recruited to the inspectorate stream from which senior posts are filled.

Work activities

  • Assessing, collecting and managing taxes and duties that account for over 93 per cent of exchequer revenue
  • Administering the customs regime for the control of imports and exports and collection of duties and levies on behalf of the EU
  • Working in co-operation with other state agencies in the fight against drugs and in other cross-departmental initiatives
  • Carrying out agency work for other departments
  • Collection of PRSI for the department of social, community and family affairs
  • Providing policy advice on taxation issues.
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