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Television Floor Manager

22 Jun 2023, 13:18

A television floor manager is the direct and vital link between the director and the floor staff involved in the making of the programme or film.

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As a television floor manager, you will be the director’s man on the ground and will be the go-between for the other floor staff. They ensure presenters and guest meet their cues and the programme runs smoothly.

Communication will be key, but you will not only be duelling with people. You will organise both people and equipment, making sure that programmes run according to a set plan and that people taking part know their particular roles and how these fit in with the bigger picture.

It's up to you to make sure that sets, props and technical equipment are safe, ready to use and in the right position prior to filming and pass on cues to presenters and guests to ensure timings are met and the broadcast goes smoothly.

Work conditions

Travel: Depending on the location of the shoot you may have to travel quite far and for bigger productions you will be required to travel abroad

Working hours: Hours can be long and unsociable depending on how long a studio or location has been booked for. However, these long working periods are usually followed by a few days off.

Location: Locations will vary depending on the shoot.


  • The majority of floor managers work on a freelance basis and salaries can be paid on an hourly, daily or weekly rate. You must expect to negotiate fees according to your experience and the type of production you'll be working on. For example, dramas typically pay more than documentaries and the news. As a general guide, day rates can range from around €140 to .€460
  • Salaries in permanent positions start at around €24,000, rising to €51,000 for senior television floor manager roles.

Entry requirements

You can enter this profession with any degree, be it undergraduate or postgraduate however a degree in film, media or drama will benefit you.

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