Traffic/ highways engineer

A traffic/highways engineer makes sure traffic management schemes are effectively planned, economic, sustainable, and implemented successfully.

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Job description

The chief purpose of a traffic/highways engineer is to improve both local and national transport networks. They must consider environmental impact, safety, sustainability and costs when planning and supervising projects such as bridge and tunnel construction, cycle path installation, road safety, designing road layouts, local transport access and traffic control systems. A traffic engineer will spend a lot of time on site.

Work activities

  • Developing solutions to problems.
  • Drawing up designs, technical diagrams and writing reports.
  • Ensuring air and noise pollution created by transport systems is minimised.
  • Supervising builds.
  • Consulting with technicians, surveyors, engineers, and other team members.
  • Ensuring projects uphold safety procedures.
  • Analysing current improvements.

Work conditions

Travel: is a feature; much work is carried out on project sites.
Location: engineers could be placed on projects throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

offers certification and training, and various relevant courses are found across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. To become a chartered engineer in Ireland, stipulated requirements from Engineers Ireland must be met.

Further information

The Roads and Transportation Society special interest group for Engineers Ireland engineers working in this area provides a basis for networking and learning.

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