My postgraduate study: Eibhlis Crowley (Environmental Protection, IT Sligo)

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Primary degree BSc in Industrial Environmental Science(1999)
Postgraduate qualification Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Protection (IT Sligo, 2015)

What convinced you to further your
studies and why did you choose the
course in IT Sligo?

The subjects on the postgraduate
certificate course were relevant to my
current role and I wanted to be brought
up to date with current legislation and
also to enhance my learning skills, so
I’m very happy I made the decision to
pursue the postgraduate qualification
in environmental protection.

How does your postgraduate study
differ from the undergraduate
experience and what would you advise
students to be aware of?

As I was working full time while doing
the postgrad I did not have as much
time as I would have had when
completing my undergraduate. Time
management is key and finding the
right balance between taking time out
for yourself while still concentrating on
your studies and not to give up when
times get tough! you will come across
challenges during the course of your
studies, and how you overcome them
will stand to you when you encounter
challenges in the professional world.

What is one of the biggest challenges you
have faced to date with your studies and
what did it teach you about yourself?

I think the whole process of integrating
myself back in to educational studies after
being out of college for 14 years, and
focussing my mind on getting back into
researching and studying was one of the
more distinct challenges. It was definitely
something different to the life I had
become used to, but it was a process
which I did enjoy and benefit from. I think
it’s important to be very determined. once
you put your mind to something, anything
is possible and to never give up challenging
yourself and never fear change.

How do you think your postgraduate
study will add to your employability

It has increased my knowledge of
important environmental subjects that
can be applied to any role in the
environmental sector. It has also
shown that I am capable of adapting to
change, taking on a new challenge and
an increased workload, having
completed the postgrad while working
full-time in a very busy role.

What are your ambitions over the next
few years in developing your career?

I hope to continue to self-develop by
completing additional courses and to
gain valuable experience along the way.

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