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Public sector and civil service careers for graduates: local government.

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Local authorities offer careers in the areas of local development, infrastructure, environmental protection and other regulatory functions. There are over one hundred local authorities in Ireland, employing over 30,000 people in areas including professional, clerical and administration, technical, library service, craft, fire service, IT and finance as well as in sectors such as community, arts and leisure.

Local government officers are responsible for making sure that local services are delivered effectively. This means assisting in the development of council policies and procedures and ensuring they are put into practice. Working in local government is likely to involve contact with members of the public, councillors, administrators and specialists in other departments or other local councils/authorities.

The selection process may include an application form, interview and verbal and numerical tests as well as possibly group exercises. Once you have been accepted for a local authority job, you may also be asked to undertake a medical examination by a doctor nominated by the local authority.

Job grades follow a similar structure to working in government departments.

Local authorities in Northern Ireland
Local authorities in the Republic of Ireland

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