Paul Keegan, Business Analyst, Brown Brothers Harriman

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Employer :

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)

Degree :

Engineering (Undergrad) Business Management , UCD

Job :

Business Analyst

Current role

I am on the STP Team so I would be involved in automation processes and solution both internally and externally. I chose the funds industry as a career path because of the broad opportunities and growth within the sector.

How was your degree relevant in your choice of career?

With an Engineering undergrad and a Business Management post grad, I feel they have equipped me with the analytical and computational capabilities in preparing me for the role, environment and work processing that I currently fulfil today in my work.

What was the application/interview process like for your current position?

It was an internal job application as I moved from Fund Accounting to Transfer Agency (TA) and so it was a series of interviews with other internal candidates. I am currently signed up to an on-line SQL computer programming course to further my skills. Skills from my undergrad, such as an advanced knowledge of Excel is very useful in my current position, for the creation of macros etc.

Tips and advice

The funds industry incorporates people from all different professions and careers so I would advise people to look into it no matter what their background is. From my point of view I believe I have created a good reputation for myself within BBH so I would ideally like to see my career grow here and continue to look at opportunities and avenues that I believe would challenge and interest me at the same time. It is constantly growing and changing so you can develop different strengths at different times which allows you establish your likes and dislikes. I have been very happy in it so far so I would have no complaints to pass on to anyone that is seeking a career in the funds industry.

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