Aidan Maher, Site Manager, Clancy Construction

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Job title Site Manager
Employer Clancy Construction

My father was involved in the
construction industry with
heavy machinery when I
was younger. I suppose that would
have given me an interest at an early
age. I also learned a lot from my uncle
and did a lot of building work and
also worked part-time in a plumbing
and heating shop. After school I went to the
university of Limerick where I studied
Construction Management and
Engineering – a four year degree

I went to an external careers
guidance person when I was doing
my CAO and he told me about the
course in uL. It was fairly new and I
decided to go for it. In secondary
school, I didn’t really have
construction subjects but I found the
course very interesting right from the

Getting started

As part of the course we went out
and did work experience and I went
to Clancy’s to do this. Then I finished
the course and, straight afterwards in
summer 2010, I started with Clancy’s

Clancy’s have been very, very good
and they have really supported me
after they took me on following my
work experience. As regards my work
for them I started at Phoenix House
in Dublin – at Trinity College. That
was just off Nassau Street. There was
a lot of traffic management and other
challenges to be met.

What I’ve learned

I started out on a good footing
with the people I worked with there
and learned a lot from them and
really enjoyed it. Now I am a site
manager. I have also worked at
Waterford Regional Hospital on
another very big project. It is a tough
job. You put in a lot more hours than
you might expect but when you
complete a project on time and
everyone is happy – including the
client – you feel a great sense of
satisfaction. This is also a career
where you can gain more
qualifications as you go forward.
There are huge Continuous
Professional Development (CPD)
options there. And Clancy’s have
been extremely supportive. Over the
past two years I finished my masters
in WIT – again in project

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