Ian Doyle, Junior Engineer, Pierse Contracting

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Degree subject Construction Management
Job title Junior Engineer
Employer Pierse Contracting

From a young age I was interested in building things. I spent most summers working on building sites and I was very eager to get into this profession. It was through my work experience during college that I became interested in the engineering aspect of construction and I felt this was a career path I would like to pursue.

As a Junior Engineer, my job involves familiarising myself with the work programme so that the most critical construction activities for the week will be given priority; ensuring that all relevant setting out information is available for this work; and setting out the gathered information on site. I am responsible for supervising and organising the construction work in my section: for example, I need to ensure concrete is available for pours, there is sufficient manpower on site and adequate plant and equipment is available.

I also keep records of the construction work, including quality assurance records and a site diary. I enjoy working with different people each day and the sense of satisfaction I get from completing part of a project. At times there can be a lot of pressure to get work done but as long as you work hard the job will progress well.

Job-hunting tips

I applied for my job via an agency which was advertising for graduate engineers. My advice would be to apply early, well before your final exams. Even if you are thinking of taking time out to travel, still apply: some companies may be willing to accommodate you.

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