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Graduate careers advice: you and your performing arts degree

22 Jun 2023, 13:20

A performing arts degree enables you to combine your creative talent with self-promotion and arts management skills.

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Graduate careers advice on what you can do with your performing arts degree.

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Work experience

Taking part in voluntary projects is a great way to enhance your creative knowledge and generate future employment opportunities. Get in touch with your local community centre or search online for details of community projects in your area.

You could also get involved with charitable organisations or help industry professionals in developing projects.

Apply for funding for your own art projects, like organising dance or acting workshops and creative laboratories.

Unpaid projects and workshops will help you to develop yourself as an artist and build a network of professional contacts.

More information on work experience can be found here .

What sectors?

The main employers of performing arts graduates are:

  • arts organisations;
  • local government;
  • voluntary organisations;
  • the HSE;
  • educational institutions;
  • leisure companies.

As a performing arts graduates you will find yourself involved in putting on your own shows, working with other artists, attending auditions and generating opportunities through networking.

Networking is crucial in the field of performing arts. Keep an open mind when seeking out opportunities, as you may find them in the most unusual places.

Your performing arts CV

A performing arts degree gives you transferable skills like:

  • teamwork;
  • presentation;
  • time management;
  • self-discipline;
  • an experimental, open-minded outlook;
  • communication;
  • research and analysis skills;
  • the ability to handle criticism.

Postgraduate study

You may decide to enhance your performance skills, specialise in a specific area or go into research. You could also increase your employability by taking a vocational course, like an arts administration diploma or a teaching certificate.

The transition from student to professional performer can be eased by continuing your education while seeking employment. It also allows you to take advantage of the option to perform in student events and festivals.

More information can be found in our Further Study section.

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