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Certified Public Accountants can be found in every sector from healthcare, financial services, IT, education, technology and gaming. In fact, 100% of newly qualified CPAs are currently in employment. As CPA’s progress through their career they can diversify into a number of different roles including Chief Executives, Financial Controllers, as well as other career avenues including forensic accountancy, risk analysis, and international accounting specialist roles.

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CPA Ireland have many mutual recognition agreements and relationships with many accountancy bodies around the world including Australia, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, India, and Nigeria.  The career opportunities for CPA’s are endless, students can work in both industry and practice at home and overseas.  CPA Ireland accept applications from school leavers and students of all disciplines, ranging from graduates, accounting technicians, mature students, students, and members from other accountancy bodies in Ireland and overseas, as well as those wishing to change or establish their career in accountancy. 

The CPA professional accountancy qualification is comprised of 3 exam levels, Foundation, Professional and Strategic with 14 exams in total. Your entry point into the CPA qualification is determined by an assessment of your prior qualifications. Even, if you do not hold any prior qualifications, you can commence the qualification at the Foundation stage.  You can choose between two flexible study options, either online or part time study to complete your CPA professional accountancy qualification.  In addition to the CPA Ireland qualification, prospective new students can also benefit from the following services; 

CPA online careers portal and placement service 

CPA’s online careers portal can help you secure your first trainee role with a leading employer, with this service you can connect with employers, benefit from one to one support from our dedicated careers advisor, receive detailed CV review feedback and interview coaching, connect with employers and access online webinars and training, further details are available here.

CPA Trainee Remote 

This programme of study  is aimed at assisting CPA students develop and apply the skills and competencies required to effectively operate as a CPA Trainee Accountant within a remote work environment. The course consists of five free modules in Remote Communication skills, Digital Skills for Remote working, Fundamentals for Remote Trainees and Revenue online systems. Further details are available here.

CPA FastTrack

The CPA FastTrack service allows you to accelerate your career and qualify faster by allowing you to record relevant college work placements, summer jobs or internship training towards your three years training requirement. With CPA FastTrack you can benefit from reduced fees and generous exemptions, a competitive salary, boost your personal brand and stand out from your peers by adding the CPA FastTrack programme to your CV or LinkedIn profile.  Further details are available here.

Why Choose CPA Ireland?

CPA Ireland provides both members and students with the qualifications and support required to progress in their accountancy careers. 

Internationally recognised 

CPA Ireland members work in over 50 countries around the globe meaning that they can travel with a qualification that travels with them. For further details on our global mutual recognition agreements, click here

Career opportunities 

The career opportunities available to you with a CPA qualification are endless. 

To find out about these opportunities, click  here

Continuous support 

With our offices based in Dublin and Northern Ireland, the CPA Ireland team are open and available to support you in your career by offering a range of supports and benefits, for further details click here

Flexible study 

At CPA Ireland we understand that everyone leads busy lives and so we try to make the route to qualification as flexible as possible for our students.  You have the option to study part-time or online. Access your lectures, resources, and support online at a time and place that suits you or attend part-time evening classes or even combine both study options, thus giving you the flexibility and opportunity to work and study at the same time. 

The facts 

CPA is the most recognised professional designation globally 

Over one million accountants worldwide are CPAs 

CPA’s work in over 50 countries around the world 

100% of our most recent graduates in the last 5 years are in full-time employment. 

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