As a paralegal you will be working to support solicitors and barristers in a verity of different ways.

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Paralegals can work for law firms, corporations, the government and other organisations. As a paralegal you will need a firm understanding of law, but you cannot offer legal advice or represent somebody in a court. However, you will play a vital role within a legal team and the position can be used as preparation for becoming a solicitor.

Work Activities

  • Office administration duties
  • You will be in charge of taking phone calls, scheduling meetings and organising diaries.
  • You may be asked to proofread legal documentations and in some instances write the first draft of a legal document.
  • Although you cannot represent a client in court you can attend court inquests and transcribe legal opinion.
  • network with clients and build valuable relationships
  • As a more experienced paralegal you may be asked to write reports, conduct legal research, take witness statements and attend meetings with experts or claimants.


As with most careers salaries can vary depending on the type of firm you work for and the location of the organisation.

  • Salaries for junior paralegals range from €20,000 to €30,000.
  • A paralegal with three to five years' experience can expect a salary in the region of €39,000 to €45,500.
  • It's possible for an experienced paralegal to earn up to €60,000, and in very rare cases up to €80,000.

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