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Recycling/waste disposal officer

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

Works within local authorities and assists environmental services departments to advise upon the management of refuse reduction, clearance and recycling schemes.

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Job description

Waste disposal and recycling officers work within local authorities and assist environmental services departments to advise upon the management of refuse reduction, clearance and recycling schemes. Officers communicate with private contractors and local authority officials to ensure compliance with legislation in the handling, transport and disposal of waste. Officers involved in recycling work to highlight the environmental and economical importance of recycling to local communities and the media to encourage responsibility and initiate schemes in the area.

Work activities

  • Collaborating with clients, local councils and other environmental workers to devise, develop and implement recyling/waste management schemes.
  • Monitoring the implementation of schemes and initiatives and keeping records.
  • Dealing with budgets for projects.
  • Compiling reports and making presentations to boards and authorities to provide updates on progress.
  • Consulting with local businesses about safe waste disposal/recycling.
  • Promoting awareness and educating local communities about recycling, waste management, and new initiatives.
  • Ensuring all projects uphold legal and health and safety requirements.

Work conditions

Travel: is a feature, with time split between office and field work.
Working hours: are usually standard 9 to 5 hours, but some extra hours could be involved.
Location: regions throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

A primary degree in earth science, environmental sciences/management, maths, engineering or materials science is usually required. Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Ulster offer postgraduate qualifications in waste management, which may boost career development and help in applications for more senior positions. Relevant work experience is generally a prerequisite for positions, so any time working for/volunteering with waste management organisations is highly beneficial.

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