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Ready for a new adventure? Good news: USIT Travel can help

Hey there, we’re USIT. We’re Ireland's leading specialist in student travel, work abroad and intern/trainee programmes to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We offer unrivalled service, six decades of experience, and have been Ireland’s leading specialist in Grad visas since 2008. Together with our sibling companies, JENZA Travel and BUNAC Travel, we help you enrich your world by experiencing new ones. So what are you waiting for?


Work in the USA

The USA is our speciality, so if you’re in need of a placement, in your final year of university, or a recent graduate dreaming of heading Stateside, you better list up. We’ve got our Internship USA, Grad USA, and Professional Career Training (PCT) programmes which all give you the opportunity to bridge the gap between college and career.


The US has leading companies in every field, so the opportunities for Irish students to gain valuable experience are seriously endless. The team at USIT Travel will guide you every step of the way through living and working in the USA.

Want to learn more about our Grad USA programme? Click here .

Maybe you want to go a bit more north, or even further afield – USIT can definitely help with that too. Learn more about all the programmes we offer here .

Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

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