Business Adviser

Business advisers provide financial and strategic advice to small and mid-sized companies.

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As a business adviser, you'll provide information, support, coaching, advice and guidance to the people within a business. his can range from small and medium sized business to large multi-national corporations. You could be advising individuals who are looking to start their own business to offer counsel to those who are looking to upscale.

Work activities:

  • possess an in-depth knowledge of the business support landscape and the ability to advise businesses on the range of options available
  • undertake diagnostic needs assessments with businesses, including analysing the needs of the business and working with the client to put a business action plan in place
  • develop your own professional network of associates who can provide a broad range of business and enterprise support services to your clients
  • build positive relationships with clients, partners, associates and networks
  • have excellent mentoring and coaching skills
  • attend meetings with networks and associates to ensure you keep up to date with global, national, regional and local business support initiatives to ensure your clients benefit

Entry Requirements

Although no formal qualifications are required, a business-related degree would be an advantage.

Many business advisers are graduates from a variety of disciplines, who started out in a professional and financial service such as HR, recruitment, marketing, accountancy, finance and banking. Many business advisers have worked in industry and have run their own businesses. Other business advisers develop their skills within local government, working in economic development advisory roles.

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