Cinema manager

Is responsible for the efficient running of all day-to-day activities and services of a cinema.

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Job description

A cinema manager is responsible for the efficient running of all day-to-day activities and services of the cinema.

The sizes and types of cinema vary from multiplexes showing blockbuster big-budget releases to smaller, independent cinemas which show art or independent films and may have just a few, smaller screens. The type of cinema may affect the duties of the manager, for example those managing smaller cinemas may have to organise private functions and viewings or film festivals, whereas the managers of large venues may organise huge film premiere events. They all aim to hit set audience targets through promotions and advertising.

Work activities

  • Planning, developing and supervising promotional and advertising projects.
  • Recruiting, training and managing staff.
  • Collaborating with community representatives to promote film within the local community.
  • Undertaking administrative tasks; setting shift rotas and organising staff payment.
  • Ensuring the venue, facilities and staff meet stipulated health and safety regulations.
  • Managing budgets.
  • Dealing with enquires from the press and public.
  • Ensuring the cinema meets set audience targets each month/year etc.

Work conditions

Travel: can feature.
Working hours: are generally irregular and regularly include evenings and weekends.
Location: cinema venues across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

The profession is open to graduates of all disciplines, but a qualification in management, marketing or film studies may be advantageous. A keen interest in film/the arts is important, particularly for independent/art cinema positions. Relevant managerial experience is required by most employers.

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