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Languages and culture careers for graduates: museums and art galleries.

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The museums and galleries sector has grown considerably in recent years. National museum and gallery collections have expanded and the number of museums, galleries and arts centres around the country has multiplied. More public funding has been provided towards researching, excavating and preserving our archaeological and historic sites, and communicating a knowledge and understanding of these to others. A network of heritage/interpretative centres and theme parks has been developed nationwide.

Posts arise for archaeologists , curators , education officers and guides , as well as managerial and marketing staff . Subjects such as archaeology, Celtic studies, history or history of art are an essential or useful background for many areas. Good academic attainment in these areas, up to and beyond Masters degree level, is often specified. A postgraduate qualification such as arts management or heritage management can help. Commercial acumen is becoming increasingly important.

Although opportunities have increased, there is a pool of well qualified young graduates available to fill jobs. Persistence, dedication, and a real commitment and belief in your ability for the work are needed in searching out appropriate opportunities. Relevant part-time or temporary work can help your employment prospects.

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