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Retail, sales and customer services careers for graduates: Retail pharmacy.

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Retail pharmacists (often known as chemists or community pharmacists) supply and sell medicine and medical-related products to the general public and medical practitioners, as well as other goods such as toiletries, cosmetics, photographic and veterinary products. In smaller outlets, pharmacists are often exclusive owners or franchise owner managers and have responsibility for the daily operation of the store in addition to buying, merchandising, HR, stock taking, finance and other administrative functions. In larger outlets, like Boots, they may work as part of a team with other pharmacists and a retail manager.

Pharmacists make up particular medicines to prescription, supply medicines ready-made by manufacturers, advise the public on the treatment of minor illnesses and refer to GPs as appropriate.

Skills required include excellent accuracy and attention to detail, numeracy, interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. In addition, a high level of personal integrity and discretion are essential. A degree in pharmacy or pharmaceutical chemistry is essential.

Depending on your workplace, shift work may be required through Monday to Sunday.

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