Research and development (R&D)

Careers in research and development for science graduates in Ireland.

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Research and development (R&D) is increasingly important in the science sector in Ireland, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, as well as in academia.

Graduates with a primary degree or a masters mostly work as research technologists, while those with a PhD typically work as project leaders, research project coordinators, research directors or university professors.

University-linked institutes

There has been significant investment in third-level institutions to promote and develop high quality research capabilities. University-linked research institutes provide support for researchers and teams within educational institutions. Co-operation between researchers and teams within institutes is encouraged, as is inter-institutional co-operation: the majority work in collaboration with other institutes. Many opportunities exist within these institutes across a wide range of disciplines.

Various university-linked institutes exist in several disciplines, including:

  • environmental and natural resources (eg the Environmental Change Institute and the Marine Science Research Programme –Martin Ryan Institute, both at NUI Galway, and the Urban Institute at UCD)
  • bioscience and biomedical (eg the Biosciences Institute at UCC and the Institute of Immunology at NUI Maynooth)
  • physical sciences and technology (eg the Materials and Surface Science Institute at the University of Limerick and the National Centre for Sensor Research at DCU).

Further information

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