Leah Culleton, Assurance Associate, Deloitte

25 Jan 2023, 13:36

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Job title Assurance Associate
Employer Deloitte
Education BA (Hons) in Accounting Waterford Institute of Technology

Tell us about your job and what it involves?

I am working in the Audit Department within Deloitte. There are three main areas; Financial Services and Consumer & Technology Business and SMEs. As an Audit Associate, I offer solutions to help clients’ businesses. Deloitte provide assurance and advisory services that future visions are built on. Within this, statutory audits are carried out and advice given on areas such as technical issues and corporate governance. I will be focusing on financial statements, reviewing client operations, identifying weaknesses and providing recommendations to rectify any issues found.

How did you get your job and how did your degree help?

I applied to the Deloitte Graduate Programme back in September 2017. The application process is a fair process for students, especially under pressure in final year of college. The first stage involved a mini assessment, it mainly involved scenario type questions and from there I then had to upload a CV. I was invited to an interview in November and this involved two rounds of interviews. My first interview was with two managers within the Audit department. My second interview was with a Partner. I remember both interviews being very relaxed, I was asked a set list of questions and from there it really was just a chat. I spoke about my skills, experience and my future ambitions for my career. Having an Accounting degree definitely helped especially in the communication side of things. It is important to be confident and come across as a suitable candidate. However, I know that Deloitte welcome students from all disciplines which is encouraging for these students. I was very lucky to be offered the job at the end of my interview and of course, I accepted without hesitation.

What skills are you focusing on improving and honing before you start your graduate job?

I tried to improve on creative problem solving within my part time job before I started in Deloitte. Anything I face within work I try to face full on and resolve any issues that come about. I believe this is a strong skillset to have in a job within Audit and Accounting as the use of technology within this sector is on the rise.

What skills are in demand in your sector and how would you advise students to prepare?

With technology and artificial intelligence growing in popularity and usage, it is important to possess skills that will always be needed. Leadership, problem solving and written and verbal communication skills are high in demand and will be for the coming years.

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