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Performing and creative arts careers for graduates: art and design.

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Graduates working within the art and design sector will generally have completed a relevant degree. Opportunities include selling work at local markets and fairs, working on a self-employed basis and working within a large manufacturing company. Those working on a self-employed basis may contract commissions from organisations, individuals or the public sector.

Trends in art and design careers

The future demand for artist and designer skills will depend on economic growth, changing patterns of demand and changing patterns of doing business (for example in technology). These are likely to result in a demand for new skills. The interface with information and communication technologies will continue to have a major impact on the media, art and design industries, particularly in the audio-visual sector.

Practitioners will need to create and innovate through new products and services, networking and developing business and entrepreneurial skills. An increasing emphasis on collaborative projects means they will also need to seek out expertise from other artists and businesses.

Flexible and less formal working patterns are likely to continue across the media, art and design sectors, particularly with the increase in small entrepreneurial companies and self-employed artists or designer-makers that are the norm in the industry.

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