Aryan Bansel, Cloud Support Associate, Amazon

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What and where did you study?

I completed a Masters in Cloud Computing in 2015 from the National College of Ireland.

What are important skills to have for your job?

IT skills of all sorts are an advantage, and you must keep learning as it is a very dynamic industry. I’m from a software background so I’ve learned skills in terms of application software, web services, Linux and systems architecture.

What tips do you have for applying for jobs in Ireland?

Make sure your CV and online profiles (LinkedIn etc) are current and that they have all your skills listed. Make sure they display what you want to be and where you aspire to be. That’s what can make the difference.

Challenges that international students may face

When I arrived from New Delhi I was anxious about the social and work culture differences. But here it has been great in terms of education and training, which more focused on what employers are looking for than what I had previously experienced in India.

What supports have helped develop your career?

The careers service has been great. Aside from CV advice, mock interviews and technical tests are a great help.

Careers advice for international students

The best way to develop your language skills is to become involved in the culture. Take part in as many things as you can, interact with everyone and it will help you a lot. Ireland is a very cool place! Not just the weather!

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