Careers with EY for law graduates

17 Aug 2023, 14:39


Everybody has a natural talent. At EY, we want to help you develop yours, naturally.

Can you play a musical instrument? Reading music needs an analytical mind, critical thinking and inventive solutions. Maybe you’re good at crosswords? That takes patience, concentration and problem-solving. What about art? Art takes perception, subjectivity and experimentation. Whatever your natural talents, at EY we help you develop them naturally into a meaningful career where you can use them to excel.

Why Law graduates excel at EY

Law graduates require the ability to think logically, build solutions and communicate succinctly. That’s why the natural talent that brought them to law, is perfect for starting the EY Graduate Programme. We look for law graduates to help us create a diverse workforce, with an array of skills and new ideas that can help us build a better working world.

Start your career journey with EY

We’re looking to take your natural talent and develop it across one of our five graduate programmes:

  • Assurance (Audit)
  • Consulting
  • Tax
  • Strategy & Transactions (Corporate Finance)
  • IT, Data Analytics & Cyber

You’ll join a firm that offers world-class coaching and career development. While there will be a certain focus on building your technical skillset, we also want you to gain the skills needed to manage your workload and create a healthy work/life balance.

The EY Graduate Programme is your career incubator, you’ll become one of the most employable young people in Europe. Quite simply, it’s the perfect foundation to develop your natural talents, naturally.

Whatever your talent, apply it at EY.

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