#GradStories, George Dosumu, IT Graduate, ESB

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What are the main tasks in your job?

We begin the week with a review of scans that we perform. So generally we perform scans every week to find vulnerabilities in software and assets. From that we meet with the teams and we negotiate now we could get the remediations done as soon as possible

What skills do you need to be successful in your role?

You need to be able to manage people. You need to know how to communicate with people and you need to have the core technical skills in IT areas. You need to have skills in networking and programming to understand what makes a certain process work well and what could cause a vulnerability.

What do you love about your job?

I love my job because it involves meeting people and having new experiences. You see vulnerabilities and you find out what causes the vulnerabilities then you find a solution to the vulnerabilities.

How did you get into your job?

I found the job on ESB's website. To get the job I took some time to improve my skills in some technical areas I felt were necessary like knowing how to scrape and how to manage my time properly.

I found the job online, I applied and went into the interview process and I got the job.

What skills should students develop if they are interested in this career?

They should learn how to manage time properly and how to manage people. Also develop good communication skills and learn how to interact with people at a very professional level.

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