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Acoustic consultant

24 Feb 2023, 10:08

Acoustic consultant job description

Acoustic consultants provide a wide variety of sound services which include surveys and assessments as well acoustic design and building advice. You could be involved in advising architects on the sound design of a new opera house or music venue, aiding phone company with the manipulation of digital signals or even in the use of ultrasound. The nature of an acoustic consultant is a varied one and could be applied to multiple disciplines including science, engineering and many others.

Potential areas of work

  • Architecture
  • Audio
  • Ultrasound
  • Hearing and Speech devices
  • Music
  • Noise Control


Acoustic consultants would be expected to conduct a number of surveys on short notice making attention to detail a key trait for this job. There are very few degree specific courses that are related to the profession meaning that acoustic consultants are high in demand in Ireland, the U.K and across Europe. Given the need for acoustic consultants across Europe, having a second language would be an extremely desirable trait in any protentional candidate and would significantly increase your chances of employability. A lot of work can be driven through new legislation such as volume levels in offcies and buildings.


The majority of graduates who will enter this profession will have obtained a degree in maths, science or engineering. However, it is possible to pursuer the career after completing a degree in music technology or environmental science but this can be a more difficult route to pursue.


  • an aptitude for maths and science
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Communication
  • Writing and management skills
  • Work well as an individual and as part of a team
  • People skills
  • Familiarity with noise modelling software
  • excellent IT skills
  • Proficient in analysing and collecting data
  • Accuracy is a key skill

Typical employers

  • Architects
  • Research departments
  • Government Institutions
  • Motor companies
  • Local authorities
  • Engineering companies
  • Aviation Industry

Career prospects

Despite the esoteric nature of the role there is not a huge amount of competition for jobs in the area which results in employability rates being extremely high. Progress through the industry will involve changing firms/companies and looking to the climb the ladder early in your career. It is not uncommon for people to move companies three times within the first five years of employment in order to seek progression. The aim of setting up your own consultancy within this area is a goal many acoustic consultants strive for.

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