Employee relations officer

An employee relations officer works at both a strategic and operational level to manage various personnel policies that affect people at work.

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‘Employee relations’ is part of personnel management or human resources. Many organisations require employee relations officers as advisors on specific areas of employment law, to negotiate during union or employee disputes and to ensure the wider workforce is aware of company policies and procedures.

Work activities

  • Maintaining employment policies.
  • Managing employment tribunal cases.
  • Managing issues such as long-term absence.
  • Advising the HR team in dealing with employee relations issues and maintaining good relations.
  • Consulting with trade unions.

Work conditions

Travel: limited, but trips to other branches or factories may be necessary.
Working hours: typically 9 to 5 office hours.
Location: roles are available across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in towns and cities.

Entry requirements

A Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification is required; universities, colleges and training centres in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland provide CIPD courses. Study options are flexible. HR experience is useful.

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