Health and safety adviser

A health and safety adviser develops, maintains and protects health and safety standards within public and private organisations in accordance with current health and safety legislation.

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Job description

Health and safety advisers ensure that practices and procedures within the workplace coincide with safety legislation and that standards are upheld and maintained. They are employed by a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

Work activities

  • Identifying potential hazards and undertaking risk assessments on site.
  • Determining ways of reducing risks.
  • Providing health and safety training courses for employees and managers.
  • Drawing up operational procedures and writing internal health and safety policies/strategies.
  • Inspecting sites to ensure that health and safety measures are met and maintained.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.
  • Preparing reports.

Work conditions

Travel: some roles require visits to other sites during the working day.
Working hours: generally 9 to 5 office hours.
Location: varies depending on the role: positions are available in offices, factories and plants, or on transportation systems and offshore platforms across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Typical employers

  • Local authorities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Construction/engineering companies
  • Colleges/uiversities
  • Manufacturers
  • Large private companies
  • Food processing/packaging plants

Entry requirements

Republic of Ireland: Advisers must hold a Level 3 Occupational Safety and Health qualification. To become an environmental health officer (EHO) a BSc in Environmental Health is required. Postgraduate training programmes are available at various centres and institutes throughout the country.

Northern Ireland: Health and Safety Advisers must be members of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) . To gain membership candidates need to hold an accredited occupational health and safety degree/MSc/diploma or the National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) diploma. They must also gain at least three years' professional experience.

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