Information officer

Manages the acquisition, supply and distribution of information within an organisation and makes that information accessible to its clients/customers.

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Job description

Information officers acquire, organise and distribute information in printed form and other media. They are not unlike librarians in that they identify, select, order and manage information in a variety of media, such as books, journals, newspapers, leaflets, video, audio cassettes, microfiche, multimedia, CDs, DVDs and computer databases. Information officers work in a variety of industries including education institutes and government departments. They perform a multitude of duties to provide information services internally to the organisation, externally to the public, or to both.

Work activities

  • Sourcing relevant information in hard or electronic format
  • Classifying and storing information for ease of access and retrieval
  • Answering information-related queries from within the organisation and from the public where appropriate
  • Advertising the service internally and externally.
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