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Natasha Ford

Mace Group

Why i chose Mace

I chose to apply to Mace because of the measures they are taking to fight the climate crisis, including becoming a carbon neutral business and continuing reduction of carbon emissions since then. Also, the commitment of Mace to being innovators in this field, not only in the pursuit of a sustainable world but also with the dedication to safety in a high-risk industry.

Recruitment Process

Through the recruitment Mace were extremely helpful answering any questions promptly. I also found the assessment centre to be a comfortable environment with sufficient opportunity to showcase skills and knowledge. It also provided a platform to meet leaders in the company and gain industry knowledge from them.

My job role and the best parts of it

The best part of my job is the opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of the business, the nature of the role in sustainability means I have assisted on both construct and consult projects. It also allows me to go to different sites or to head office, meaning I get to experience different work environments and no two days are the same. This means I can network with individuals from all over the business in my day-to-day role. I also have a large amount of responsibility for a junior role which has meant I have learned a tremendous amount in a short space of time about the construction industry.

There is a large responsibility from the role which means there is a need for confidence in decision making, meaning sometimes there is a pressure to be able to justify an educated decision, even when it isn't something I have done before.

Training opportunities

I have received a plethora of soft skill training, including presentation skills, excel training, all of which were provided by external providers.

Mace Networks

I am involved in the Women at Mace network which provides an opportunity to build a network with individuals across the business which I would never usually cross paths with. It means I can learn about other women’s experience in a construction environment, and how we can drive changes to allow women to succeed in a previously male dominated field.

Mace Culture and Values

The working culture at Mace is very flexible and colleagues promote working in the environment best suited to the task at hand. After graduation, the new work life balance has enabled me to spend time dedicated to other commitments like hobbies and this has been encouraged by my line manager. No matter where you sit within the business there is always opportunity to learn, this might be deepening an understanding of a topic or reaching further to a skill or concept you’ve not discovered before - if you’re curious to learn, you’ll find Mace a great platform to do so.

What makes Mace a great place to work

Mace is a great place to work because it connects you with leaders in the field, who are happy to assist and teach about the industry. The company cares about your wellbeing and urges you to do what works best for you, whether this is working from home when it suits, or completing a training course which will be beneficial to your career. There is so much opportunity to learn, and you get out of Mace what you put in.

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