Meet Michael Martins - Graduate Commercial Manager


Michael Martins

Graduate Commercial Manager

Mace Group

My role is managing and analysing the commercial and often contractual elements of any construction work carried out on a project right from start to finish. My day-to-day activities do vary, but I tend to focus on coordinating with colleagues, subcontractors, and the client team to procure the various work packages, valuing the work that subcontractors carry out on site, raising payments and reporting any financial information to the Client and other senior management within Mace.

So far, my role within Mace has been very rewarding. Starting within the company as a university graduate has involved a lot of hands-on learning and in all honesty, it’s a very different kind of learning from the theoretical aspect of attending university. But that is what makes me love this role. No two days are the same and every day has given me an opportunity to learn something invaluable that may not have been covered in a uni lecture. I also work with a very supportive project team who will never hesitate to take time out from their schedule and help me learn anything I don’t know about, improving my knowledge not only commercially, but from many other aspects of construction.

I personally believe working within the Major Projects business unit is one of the best places to start your career in within Mace. I’m working on a project called EDGE London Bridge, a 28-storey commercial office tower block opposite London Bridge station. This is a very special project to be involved in, as our client is highly enthusiastic about promoting sustainability within the building though reducing the level of carbon used in construction and operation. This means that the project will not only look great once it’s complete, but it will be one of the most sustainable office buildings located within the area. Pretty cool right?

The best thing about Major Projects is that this is just one of many unique and high-level projects you could be involved in, across London. Another example is one of my favourite projects, the Shard (which is literally right next door to EDGE London Bridge!), the tallest building in the UK and one of the tallest buildings in Europe. Major Projects tend to deliver very large-scale buildings, so it’s amazing just to even see such buildings take shape and know that you were a part of the delivery team that made it a success for the client. I know that’s how I will be feeling once the EDGE project is completed!

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