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Rajkumar Patel

Project Management - consult sector.

Mace Group

My name is Raj. I am currently on the graduate scheme at Mace in the project management - consult sector.

Mace is one the global leaders in consultancy and construction. I always had a desire to work for a company that is the top of its industry. During my master’s degree at university, I was lucky enough to be working at Mace part time where I was working on the East Bank project at Stratford Waterfront. Before I began working here, I had very little knowledge of the construction. Through working here, I learnt and developed so much. My colleagues on this project were the most important in helping me to grow. The people at Mace are key drivers in the personal development of yourself, they are the best at what they do in the industry. The team there always encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and try new things which has helped me massively. Now that I have started full time at Mace, the experience I gained beforehand has allowed me to settle in well and I hope to work off this experience to progress. No matter what I asked or how many questions I had, the team always answered them well and the response I received every time helped to better my knowledge of construction in general and specific things to the project. Every individual in the team always took time out of their busy days to help me when I had difficulties completing the work and to give an insight into some things that they were working to help me broaden my understanding.

The recruitment was excellent. The process was clear, and it was easy to understand what was happening and what was expected. The group tasks allowed everyone to collaborate and complete tasks with the Mace way being at the forefront of thought. The 1 to 1 interview seemed daunting at first, but as the interview went on it felt like a normal conversation and the interviewer was very kind and helpful.

A benefit that stands out when it comes to working for Mace is that Mace is diverse and has a global presence. You are not restricted in terms of options. There are opportunities to work in different sectors and to also work all around the world. Opportunities like this being available can enhance careers and helps Mace to grow bigger and bigger.

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