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5 STEM jobs you might not have considered

22 Jun 2023, 13:24

Scientists deal with all sorts of exciting problems and challenges. This makes STEM careers exciting and diverse.

Scientist testing chemicals for analysis


Oceanography applies the principles of scientific fields such as chemistry, biology, geology and meteorology to the study of the ocean and its impact on marine life. This career is ideal for anyone interested in scientific research and being on the water. It is especially important today with of climate change and pollution threating marine ecosystems.

The duties of an oceanographer typically include collecting and analysing samples, planning field research trips, attending conferences and collecting data using equipment such as remote sensors. Entry level positions in oceanography require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in oceanography or a relevant field. A master’s degree or a doctorate can present you with a distinct advantage especially in research focused roles.

Cosmetic Chemist

Cosmetic chemists research, develop, test and produce new formulae for cosmetic products and toiletries. They make sure that not only does the product work as intended, but that it is also safe for use by humans.

The minimum requirement for this career is a bachelor’s degree in a relevant scientific subject such as chemistry or pharmaceutical sciences. Postgraduate qualifications may put you at an advantage for certain roles, but they are typically not a requirement. While many cosmetic chemists work in labs, some work in offices and factories supervising the manufacturing process.

Robotics engineer

Robotics engineers combine principles of engineering, computer science and data analysis to build and maintain robotic equipment. A robotics engineer typically works on both mechanical hardware and its associated software. This would involve tasks such as developing concepts and designs, performing preventative and corrective maintenance, developing algorithms and testing.

If you’re interested in this field, a bachelor’s degree in a subject related to engineering would be a good place to start. Knowledge of programming, mathematics, statistics, material science engineering and automation is important for a career in robotics. You can build these skills through further education, internships and work experience.

Ethical hacker

Ethical hackers are computer security professionals who help organisations test and improve their network security. A career in ethical hacking might appeal to someone who is passionate about cybersecurity and enjoys a challenge.

Ethical hackers are responsible for conducting security assessments to check for vulnerabilities, reporting threats and recommending improvements to security systems. Obtaining a degree in computer science is a good place to start for anyone interested in this career path. Completing an internship or a placement while in college can help you put into practice what you have learned and further develop your skills in cybersecurity. There are several industry standard certifications that can help you advance in your career as an ethical hacker.

Forensic biologist

Forensic biologists analyse biological data from samples of biological materials such as hair and blood, most often to aid law enforcement in criminal investigations. They may use their skills to identify victims or perpetrators or uncover other important pieces of information such as cause of death. Some forensic biologists may collect evidence from crime scenes as part of their work. This career is ideal for anyone with a passion for science who is interested in helping to solve crimes.

The duties of a forensic biologist often include examining evidence, comparing results to samples, collecting evidence and preparing evidence to be presented in court.

A career in forensic biology, typically requires a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area such as biology or forensic science.

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