Max Carroll, Audit Trainee, Mazars

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What does your job involve?

There’s great variety. At planning stage you work with your team on planning the audit agenda and conducting a risk assessment. During the audit you’re typically on client site, working with different departments within their business and then in the completion cycle you pull all the different elements together to compile a final audit report.

What skills are important?

Communication is absolutely key. You’re dealing with different stakeholders all the time so you need to communicate what is happening, as different audit projects will overlap at different phases so you’re constantly looking to communicate different elements at different times.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love the atmosphere, which is relaxed and professional and also very social. I also love the exposure to the different elements of the business, from manufacturing, to retail, to services.

What student experiences have helped your career?

I was always involved in team sports, particularly football. I think being involved in a team, and being part of leading a team is of huge benefit. Audit involves very close teamwork, and you place a lot of trust in other team members, preparing for the final goal, which is the audit report. In college, IT Tallaght, I also decided I’d do something outside my comfort zone, so I joined the drama society and decided to try out for a part in a play. I did get a small part and it allowed me to meet new people, different to who I normally would have met and it’s meant I’m a lot more confident with presenting and meeting new people.

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