Seamus Stacey, Accounting and Finance Associate, Glanbia

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

Seamus Stacey, Accounting and Finance Associate, Glanbia

What does your job involve ?

I work in bank reconciliation, I have 11 accounts that I am responsible for. One I do on a daily basis, the others are either weekly or monthly. The one I do on a daily basis reconciles what our branches are receiving in at their Point of Sales systems. It’s interesting and it’s fun and it gives me an overview of an area of the company that I didn’t previously know much about.

What’s the most important skill you use on a daily basis?

Any job in this sector requires good analytical and numeracy skills but ultimately you’re dealing with financial software packages such as SAP and Excel, so they are the two packages that are always open on my screen. You will receive training in these systems but any skill you can gain in them is of great benefit. You’re also dealing with people, reporting to people and making reports for people so good communication skills are also vital.

What’s the best thing about your job ?

The best thing about this job are the options it creates for my career, I’m currently studying for the CIMA Management Accounting qualification, which will provide me with a very strong business base. I’m interested in the Supply-Chain sector but am also enjoying working in accounting, so who knows where the future will take me. We have so many business units within Glanbia and I see that on a daily basis in terms of how they work with each other. I get to see a huge range of sectors, and I can go anywhere in the world with a company with an international footprint, such as Glanbia.

Do you have any advice for students?

One of the best things I gained from my time in university was the ability to communicate effectively and manage my time. I use those skills on a day to day basis. In college, there is always an assignment due, or a presentation to give, so use these to focus on honing your time management skills, allocate your time, prioritise your work and stick to your plan. You will enjoy your time off a lot more when you’re not worried about what you have not done. Develop your communication skills by dealing with people, volunteer for clubs and societies and how they operate, it builds up your CV and develops your employability skills.

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