Alternative employers in the property sector

Property graduates can find work in large corporations and retail chains, with financial services providers and in self-employment.

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Large corporations and retail chains

Many organisations, such as banks, semi-state companies and retail chains, have large property portfolios, which provide opportunities for graduates to manage property assets. Some organisations may outsource this activity to commercial estate agents, but many have their own in-house property departments. The work ranges from the sourcing, appraisal, acquisition and disposal of property to researching the taxation and funding aspects of property transactions.

In the facilities management departments of these companies you may also be involved in managing space and accommodation, as well as building services and general day-to-day maintenance.

Financial services providers

A career in banks and building societies may appeal to graduates with a keen interest in the financial side of the property business. Graduates may work in dedicated property lending departments and may also be involved with sales negotiations, valuations and inspections, investments and mortgages, for clients ranging from individual to major property investors. With experience, you may be involved in putting together financial packages and you may attend board meetings to provide valuation expertise in relation to loan security for major property investment approvals.

These employers generally expect graduates to have a 2.1 honours degree in property economics or a similar qualification.


Another option for property graduates is to become self-employed, becoming a partner or sole principal of your own firm. With professional qualifications and a breadth of work experience this could be a very successful area for some.

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