Eoghan Kavanagh, Manufacturing Engineer, Boston Scientific

22 Jun 2023, 13:20

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Degree subject BEng Biomedical Engineering (University of Limerick 2014)
Job title Manufacturing engineer
Employer Boston Scientific

Why did you decide to apply to
Boston Scientific?

I was always interested in the
medical devices sector, from the time
I began studying Biomedical
engineering. I was always keen on
getting into a large company. I was
lucky to end up in Boston Scientific.

What is your job now and what does
it involve on a daily basis? What
technical skills do you utilise

I started in Boston in July 2014 on the
graduate programme where I rotated
through 3 different functions; quality,
equipment engineering and
manufacturing engineering.
Currently I am a Manufacturing
Engineer with responsibility for a
fully automated line where we build
and package the Encore inflation
device. Details of the job include
problem solving issues, maintaining
line up time, reducing scrap, and
implementing projects to cut costs or
increase output. All aims are to
increase quality of product, meet the
demands of customers and reduce
the cost of doing so.

What was the application and
selection process and what tips
would you have for future applicants?

The application process for the
graduate programme entails; a
psychological assessment first, then a
role play assessment and finally an
interview. It seems to be a long
process before you begin but it can be
over quickly. The few tips I could
provide would be to; come with an
open mind, make sure you have the
team’s interest at heart, take note of
your surroundings while on site and
be enthusiastic; you won’t get any
job if you look like you don’t want it

How do you hope to see your career

I am constantly learning new skills
and each day is a different challenge.
There are great opportunities within
Boston Scientific and I would like to
see myself in a people management
role in the next few years.

What advice would you have for
students when it comes to choosing
a career path?

If you feel you are interested in a
particular area, try and find someone
in that industry to get some tips. If at
all possible, don’t make a decision
without talking to someone who is in
the position you are aiming for, even
if you don’t know them that well;
most people are very open and will
help you out.

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