Parvez Mulani, Software Engineer, Egenera

25 Jan 2023, 13:36

Software engineer in a white shirt standing in an office environment with text overlay "PARVEZ MULANI, Software Engineer"

What and where did you study?

I studied a Masters in Cloud Computing at the National College of Ireland.

What are important skills to have?

The most important skill that I use in software is debugging. Essentially problem solving. It allows me to fix and understand the software. Communication skills are also vital, whether explaining a solution or asking for a solution for a problem.

How did you learn your skills?

In terms of teamwork, I ensured I was involved in other activities in college. Such as cricket naturally, since I am from India! I also did part-time work and this taught me more about customer service and communication skills. I also attended some talks and seminars in college which helped me to connect with other students and employers.

What tips would you have for applying for jobs in Ireland?

I would recommend keeping your online profiles up to date, particularly on sites like LinkedIn. Also, sites like gradireland. It’s very important in terms of getting an interview and putting yourself in from of the employers who you would like to work for.

What challenges could international students face in Ireland?

I think the interview process can be challenging, as the first one or two rounds can be done via telephone, so that can be difficult. You need to have clear communication. It’s very different to how it would be done in India for example.

What supports help develop your career?

Things like talking to careers advisors, keeping my CV and LinkedIn relevant to employers and teaching myself through my own projects. These helped immensely.

What career advice would you have for international students?

Manage your time well. Focus on how you can improve your profile so you will become noticed by recruiters. Ireland is a very open society, and people are there to help and there are a lot of events to network and learn from. There are opportunities here so focus on how you can take advantage of them.

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