Clothing/textile technologist

A clothing technologist is responsible for all aspects of the design, development, manufacture and/or quality control of natural and synthetic yarns, fabrics and textiles.

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Textile technologists work with various materials, including man-made and natural textiles, leather, fur, metals and plastics. They source appropriate fabrics and provide advice about textiles and materials to designers and manufacturers of clothing, furnishings and household items.

Work activities

  • Creating products in response to briefs.
  • Dyeing and printing textiles.
  • Testing materials and products for suitability and performance in various conditions.
  • Providing solutions to problems and making amendments.
  • Advising designers and manufacturers about textile/fabric properties.
  • Controlling production and standards.

Work conditions

Travel: is a feature; regular requirements to meet with suppliers, customers or manufacturing partners. International travel is also possible. Work is based in a production environment eg laboratory, factory or office.
Working hours: are usually 9 to 5, with possible shifts and some longer hours.
Location: Retailers and manufacturers are located all around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Typical employers

  • Manufacturers of industrial textiles or clothing
  • Retailers
  • Research and development organisations
  • Textile companies

Entry requirements

Relevant degree subjects for entry into the profession include mechanical, manufacturing and production engineering; clothing and textile technology; chemical and applied sciences; materials and polymer sciences, and mathematics.

A postgraduate textiles/clothing qualification could be beneficial, as is work experience within the industry.

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