Validation engineer

An ideal career for the technically minded, the job offers enormous scope for specialisation.

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Alternative job titles for this role

  • Test engineer
  • Verification engineer
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Process validation engineer


A validation engineer is a qualified engineer who manages, inspects, calibrates, tests and modifies the instrumentation, equipment, mechanics, and systems that manufacture various products. The job is hugely varied and validation engineers can be found in labs and research facilities as well as in a wide range of manufacturing sectors. They also investigate the causes of equipment failures and anomalies.

What the job involves

  • Analyse and interpret test data
  • Prepare compliance reports
  • Direct validation activities
  • Resolve testing problems
  • Create databases to track validation activities
  • Interpret customer requirements
  • Develop validation schedules
  • Conduct training
  • Maintain instrumentation and equipment

How your career can develop

There is enormous scope to develop your career as a validation engineer. Typically, master's degree programmes can offer opportunities to advance and potentially to conduct advanced research with experienced engineers.


  • The ability to find creative solutions to complex engineering problems
  • Technically minded
  • Strong maths skills
  • Good IT skills
  • Analytical mindset
  • Structured approach to problem solving
  • Methodical
  • Keen interest in many areas of science

Typical employers

  • Manufacturers
  • Biotechnology labs
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Universities
  • Public service and private test labs
  • Hospitals
  • Research institutions
  • Aviation industry
  • Food industry

Typical salary

Graduate/Starting: €40,000

Senior/Potential: €70,000+

Typical qualifications

A bachelor's degree in engineering is the most common entry point. Because validation engineers often work in manufacturing engineering departments, a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering could provide most of the skills you need. Typically, validation engineers pursue postgraduate qualifications.

Further information

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