Water engineer

A water engineer undertakes a wide range of technical and non-technical duties in their role of supplying, managing and maintaining clean water and sewerage/waste water services and preventing flood damage.

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Job description

Water engineers work on projects such as flood defence schemes and sewer improvement programmes at all stages of their development and implementation.

Work activities

  • Coming up with designs – initial outlines or full plans.
  • Presenting project details and technical information to other professionals and clients.
  • Liaising with contractors, clients, government agencies, local authorities and suppliers.
  • Ensuring that deadlines are met.
  • Using specialist simulation software and computer applications.
  • Monitoring flood levels.
  • Managing project budgets and ensuring projects keep to budgets.
  • Supervising workers on site.

Work conditions

Travel: regular site visits are part of the job; some positions may involve trips overseas.
Working hours: are typically long, particularly on site visits.

Entry requirements

A primary degree in a subject such as geology, geography, mechanical/civil engineering, geophysics or environmental sciences is necessary. Postgraduate qualifications are generally favourable and may aid career development.

To become a chartered engineer an accredited level 8 or 9 qualification and four years’ postgraduate training and experience to standards prescribed by Engineers Ireland is required.

Further information

The Water and Environment Society is a special interest group for environmental engineers. Membership is open to members of Engineers Ireland.

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