Studying abroad: practical considerations

If you are going abroad for postgraduate study, there are administrative and cultural issues that you need to think about.

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Going abroad often brings added formalities and cultural considerations. Here are some of the aspects you'll need to bear in mind as you organise your departure:

  • what other paperwork might you need to send in addition to an application (for example, evidence of previous exam results) and what is the safest way to send this?
  • do you need to make arrangements for the transportation of specialist (particularly bulky, heavy or fragile) equipment?
  • is your passport valid for six months beyond your intended return date? (Some countries insist on this for lengthy stays.)
  • do you need a visa to enter the country of your chosen institution (or any other written confirmation of your intention to study there)? Visas can take several months to process so apply in good time.
  • what is the climate and do you need any inoculations (or evidence of recent inoculations) to enter the country? Will you be comfortable in this environment?
  • is there any government advice in place for travellers to that destination?
  • are there any cultural issues you should be aware of?

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