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How to ace your graduate application!

26 Jul 2023, 15:50

Applying to graduate programmes can be a daunting task. There are lots of options to choose from and each employer can differ in what skills they are seeking.

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At Glanbia, we want to make applying easy! As such, we have collated a list of 3 simple tips for acing your graduate application:

1. Apply early – Don’t leave your application to the last minute.

  • We know that completing an application in one sitting can be difficult. Our application process allows you start your application, save it as a draft and come back and complete it when suits you.
  • This will mean you can dedicate time and attention to your application to help set you apart!
  • Just don’t forget to hit ‘apply’ before the closing date passes!

2. Tailor your application – Make sure your application/CV aligns with the role you’re applying for.

  • Does the role require a programming language? Mention your programming experience.
  • Do you need strong Excel skills? Include your proficiency level.
  • Do you need strong design skills? Refer to creative projects you’ve done.
  • Take a look at the job specification to help you determine what’s relevant to mention. Try not to ‘copy and paste’ the same CV/application for multiple roles if they differ.

3. Show your passion – This applies for both the role and the company you’re applying for.

  • Be clear as to why this specific role appeals to you and what led you to apply.
  • Show that you’ve researched the company and articulate why you’re passionate about working for Glanbia.

We hope that you find the above helpful. Best of luck with your application


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