Meet the Manager - Darren Enright

25 Jan 2023, 13:34

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Interview with Darren Enright - Fund Manager with Alter Domus in Cork, Ireland.

How has your career evolved since you have been with Alter Domus?

I joined Alter Domus in early 2019 as a Senior Officer. From my previous experience I knew all that was needed to get the correct structure set up in the very early days. My Manager trusted me to make this a success and allowed me to run with it. I focussed on onboarding clients and did this directly. I really saw that there was a need for this service and went on to build a team around what we were doing. Since joining I have moved from Senior Officer to Manager with a team of 10. I would say that if you have a keen interest in an area which is also a business growth opportunity, Alter Domus definitely has the type of environment that will support you.

What skills did you acquire since you work at Alter Domus?

Prior to joining Alter Domus I had knowledge of the Luxembourg market having spent some time there. In my earlier years I always worked in bars and hotels in various roles and really believe that was a solid foundation for my communication skills. Since joining I feel my knowledge of Irish funds has drastically improved. Managing teams and stakeholders has also developed and Alter Domus has provided me the opportunity to improve my relationship skills. Alter Domus provides an incubator feeling! I have also spent time again in Luxembourg at our headquarters where I learnt a lot in terms of our business.

Thinking ahead, what are you looking forward to the most?

This is a really exciting place now. I can see where we are going as my previous company was once where Alter Domus is now. We have the chance to make the office our own which is fantastic. As a local leadership team we have all had input into the design of the office which allows you to feel part of the growth phase. I really think it’s going to continue to grow and be a great place to work. The vision is really exciting and we are allowed the opportunity to make our own mark. These next number of years are going to be great for Alter Domus Ireland.

When you meet a candidate, what is the most important thing you are looking for?

The team that I have been building is a brand new team. I feel that technical knowledge can be always be gained through doing the work. But good communication skills both internally and with clients, and attention to detail are essential. I really look for the right type of character, with the right attitude, drive and hunger. My biggest tip would be consistently ask questions. Listen and keep asking – never be shy!

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