Meet Luke, Graduate Research & Development Engineer


Luke Kinsella

Graduate Research & Development Engineer


Name: Luke Kinsella

Job Title: Graduate Research & Development Engineer

Location: IKON Innovation Centre Kingscourt

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

University attended: Dundalk Institute of Technology

What does your role in Kingspan involve?

My role involves the design and testing of new Kingspan products to meet ever growing customer needs. Compliance testing of current Kingspan products is necessary to make sure they meet all international standards/regulations and research projects into the cutting edge of materials & technology helping to ease the construction and better the performance of future buildings.

What is the most interesting project you have been involved in since you joined?

Since joining, I have been heavily involved in research into bio-based insulation alternatives and conducted a multitude of tests with current products in this market. Some of this testing has resulted in acquisitions and resulted in further work in developing these materials into Kingspan products.

What prompted you to apply to Kingspan?

During my time in college, I worked part-time in the construction industry, specifically pharmaceutical construction. Therefore, I had a lot of first-hand experience with Kingspan products and understood the quality and variety of the products they offered. This along with word of mouth from classmates who had completed placement in the company pushed me to apply for a graduate role and I haven’t looked back.

What was your experience of the Kingspan graduate recruitment process?

My experience of the graduate recruitment process was very positive. It is well spaced out which is key when a lot of applicants would be in the middle of final year studies and it provides plenty of opportunities for a potential candidate to show themselves off through the range of tasks and assessments.

Have you any tips for someone else thinking of applying to Kingspan?

From my experience Kingspan like to employ individuals as opposed to robots who always have the right answers. My advice for someone applying to the graduate program would be to be yourself, voice your opinion and be able to listen to others and take their views into consideration too. There is rarely one perfect candidate and that is very evident when you look at the range of unique personalities in any of the Kingspan divisions.

Looking back, what qualities and behaviours do you think you displayed during the recruitment process which made you a good fit for Kingspan?

In line with my tips, I believe I was just myself. I voiced my opinions and gave honest answers in all of the tasks & assessments. I was open minded when listening to others points and opinions. I tried to remain as relaxed as possible through all the steps and tried to show I would be a good fit to any department that gave me a shot.

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