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17 Aug 2023, 14:17

Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, where mobile technology opens new possibilities to pioneer a sustainable future.


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Pioneering a sustainable future

Ericsson is creating a world of limitless connectivity, where mobile technology opens new possibilities to pioneer a sustainable future. With global collaboration and digital innovation, carbon emissions can be reduced by 15% by 2030. With 5G we can do even more. By working together, a better world is within our reach.

Connecting nature-based solutions in an award-winning project

How can technology be used to mitigate climate change, restore biodiversity, and protect people from natural disaster like flooding?

Our Connected Mangroves project is a powerful example proving that ICT technologies can effectively help reforestation efforts. At Ericsson, we're use our technologies to help take climate action, and we will continue to develop exponential solutions for a sustainable future.

Urgent change is needed now

he need to address the climate crisis is well established. Adding to an already detailed body of climate research, the 2021 IPCC Report from the UN makes clear the critical need for immediate and drastic climate action, and highlights the indisputable link between climate change and human activity.

The science is clear – to minimize the damage and avoid reaching an irreversible tipping point, we need to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The 2021 UN IPCC Report reiterates that collectively, we need to halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero before 2050. But even with the reductions achieved in 2020 due to the pandemic (the most since World War II) the world is forecast to miss its annual targets.

It is evident that we need transformational changes to address the climate crisis - a transformation that will rely on technology, innovation, and cross-industry collaboration.

The role of digitalization in climate action

Working within the technology sector, we have the chance to use our specialist expertise to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, the ICT sector has the unique potential to enable other industrial sectors to move towards a low-carbon economy – a move that is central to meeting Goal 13, which focusses on combatting climate change and its impacts.

“Ericsson has a long history of helping to create sustainable change. For more than a century our technologies have transformed every sector of society and Ericsson remains committed to leading this journey. Through research, science and industry ecosystems we are convinced that digitalization and 5G can help tackle the climate challenge." - Heather Johnson, VP, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson.

As part of our commitment towards environmental sustainability, Ericsson was a lead partner in the development of the Exponential Climate Action Roadmap that was launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2018. The Roadmap shows that there are 36 existing solutions across sectors that can be scaled globally to help halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

In addition, research from the roadmap highlights that ICT solutions can reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15% by 2030. Digital technologies and the digitalization of industrial processes will be key to enabling this change. And with 5G underpinning the digitalization of industries and future competitiveness of business, mobile technology has a fundamental role to play.


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