Being a part of a diverse team

26 Jul 2023, 15:56

Guillermo discusses being part of a diverse team in his grad blog.

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I came to Grant Thornton Ireland from Spain to join the Audit and Assurance team during a Level 5 lockdown. It was very hard moving away from home during the pandemic but the HR recruiting team really went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and included from the start. They covered my flights and first month's accommodation, this allowed me to explore and discover which part of Dublin I liked most and wanted to live in.

I've been mostly working from home since joining the firm, however, recently, I’ve been doing a few days a week in the office which is a welcome change and I get to meet my team in person! Even though I began my time here working remotely, I still felt connected with my team. We do regular catch-ups with my director, who's always sure to ask how I'm doing, how I'm feeling. We don't talk about work, just what we were doing at the weekend!

I've seen that Grant Thornton doesn’t just bring in trainees from other countries, but there are managers and directors who come from all over the world too! It's great to see that there are people from all different backgrounds and cultures in so many different roles and areas. It's so wonderful and I know that I can do it, too!

I work on a team that's made up of many different nationalities and cultures. We all bring new and different things to the table and can offer a different view and way of working. We learn about new cultures, too, so there's a personal learning experience.

But it's not just different countries that people come from, my team has people with backgrounds in all different areas like law and literature. You wouldn't think literature backgrounds would join an Audit team but they bring such a different perspective to the work!

Because there are so many different types of people working in the firm, when we work with other teams around the world, we all work in a similar way. It's not an 'Irish way' or a 'Lithuanian way' - it's just the Grant Thornton way. It's great working with so many different people because it makes the work feel new and exciting.

Everyone on my team can all contribute and work together, especially when we come from different backgrounds. I can't put into words how great they've been at making me feel included and I'm excited for what my future with the firm holds.

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