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Benefits of starting your career with Carne

That our ‘churn rate’ is so much lower than our competitors speaks for itself. Many of our employees have been with us for a number of years, and that doesn’t happen by chance.

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Benefits of starting your career with Carne

That our ‘churn rate’ is so much lower than our competitors speaks for itself. Many of our employees have been with us for a number of years, and that doesn’t happen by chance.

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For entry level employees, we think the following things are key:


We speed things up for our clients, which drives our success, but things are quick-moving internally too, including for entry-level employees. We’ll invest heavily in your development and education (including paid courses), give you responsibility early, accelerate achievement and support the direction you want to take. Because we ourselves are growing so fast, Carne is a great place to grow.


You’ll be at the heart of the industry, but also at the heart of a good-sized company that’s right at the cutting edge of change – ideal for making a mark. This means a myriad of options to take the path that suits you. It means close access to senior management for access to high-quality knowledge. And it means being close enough to be spotted for your contributions, to speed up progress.


We recognise our employees’ contribution to success, and not just with healthy remuneration. We have a policy of prioritising promotion from within. We reward employees with part-ownership of the company with our share-scheme. You’ll also join a company that seeks to use its influence intelligently when it comes to changing approaches to ESG through innovative thinking and new products.


For us, variety is strength, and we have an uncompromising commitment to inclusion and diversity, with short- and long-term roadmaps aimed at constantly enriching an environment that allows employees to bring their ‘whole selves’ to work. It’s more rewarding for everyone. As a company we aim to be a ‘ force for good ’ – we’re generous with charities that focus on social injustice.

What to expect from us

It’s in everyone’s interests that you are engaged, challenged and fulfilled in your role. We’re proactive in playing our part in seeing that happens.

You can read more on our pledge to employees here , but for entry level candidates in particular, three things are key. We’ll:

  1. Listen
    At Carne, the door is always open. We’ll engage with your concerns, listen to your ideas and ensure HR, mentors and direct reports frequently engage with you regarding your wellbeing.
  2. Respond
    We’ll get things done for you, make change happen for you and give you as many learning and development opportunities as you can handle. If you want to change, we’ll change with you.
  3. Invest
    We will support you to develop the skills that will allow you to move, be promoted and diversify your skills. External courses are fully funded by us. We have an online Learning Management System that is bespoke to Carne. Senior mentors broaden your access to knowledge. Last, but not least, you’re never alone. We’re highly collaborative and hands on – which is an amazing way to learn.

What makes us different

Our knowledge

4-D thinking from an unrivalled bench

We share the know–how required to negotiate a complex world: multi-faceted issues addressed from every angle and through time. Experienced leaders from asset management to banking to compliance to law combine to generate complete outcomes.

Our technology

Unique in its breadth of functionality

Our digital platform Curator is industry leading. It removes data bottlenecks, incorporates years of workflow experience, has regulatory knowledge built into its systems and is unique in covering the entire fund lifecycle.

Our attitude

An ally who’ll ‘walk through walls’

We go to extraordinary lengths to see that our clients get what they need. We’re collaborators and partners, which is more rewarding for everyone involved.

A force for good

We drive change for the better

For us, there are no half measures on this. It’s on us to make a difference, and we believe we can. We have ideas: economic, behavioural, creative… and the will to execute them. Philanthropy, ESG, and giving back are vital to us.

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