IT and telecoms

Dean Reina, Software Application Engineer, Workday

When it came to the time to choose a field of study on my university application form, Computer Science was all I listed

Degree subject Bachelors Degree, Computer Science, Dublin Institute of Technology
Job title Software Application engineer
Employer Workday

Why the tech sector?

I have always been passionate about technology. when I was in school, maths and science were my favourite subjects. As I grew up, I found myself constantly tinkering with computers until I was the go-to-guy for any technical queries. when it came to the time to choose a field of study on my university application form, Computer Science was all I listed.

How did your degree help you land your current job with Workday?

I studied Computer Science at Dublin Institute of Technology. It gave me a solid foundation in general computing and taught me key skills which I use daily, such as problem solving, root cause analysis, and critical thinking. I also got the opportunity to complete an internship as part of my studies which helped me learn what I wanted from my career and what direction I wanted to go. when I learnt about workday, I knew what they had to offer was what I was looking for, from the team support to pushing the boundaries of software development.

What's been one of the biggest challenges of and what did it teach you about yourself?

Workday is growing rapidly. when I joined, I was part of a newly formed team with six members. Now, there are over 30! This meant I was expected to use my initiative from day one, the scope of my role growing with the team. This was a huge challenge, but also a great opportunity. I was given an equal voice as senior team members, even being a part of interview panel for the new hires on my team. my responsibilities have grown hugely over the last 12 months; however, I am continuously given team support. Now I am mentoring new team members, providing them with the same support I have received.

Any advice for other graduates seeking to work in a similar field?

Technical skills will always develop and change in programming, so learning core concepts and soft skills can go a long way. Graduate development programmes like The Generation workday Programme provides you with the soft skills training needed to hit the ground running; having this type of support can really boost your career and personal development.

How do you hope to see your career developing over the next few years?

Upon joining workday, I sat with my manager and discussed my career aspirations. Since then, he has been extremely supportive in putting the steps in place for me to reach my career goals. Already, I have more responsibility for developing several segments of our product, playing a bigger part in the design and architecture. I have been given the opportunity to complete training courses such as Scrum-master and now I am taking more of a lead in team meetings as well as team mentoring. workday has a truly career-focused culture and I am look forward to being a part of that as I take the next step in my career.