Hannah Tedore, Management Consultant, EY

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

Hannah Tedore, Management Consultant, EY

What are your main weekly tasks?

There isn’t a normal week in management consulting. It’s a really varied job, whether you’re an analytical person that loves number crunching or a charismatic person that loves selling to the client. Ideally you’ll develop both of those skills to be the best management consultant.

What’s it like to build a career in your area?

I heard about advisory in EY while on a summer internship during college, so I met with people working in advisory to find out what exactly they did. It was very much about helping businesses to come up with solutions, solving tomorrow’s problems today by identifying risks and opportunities, and working with your team to devise innovative solutions.

What’s the best aspect of your job?

When you first join advisory you have a two year window to explore different industries. I think this is important to help you understand what industry you’re interested in. I started in the health sector, working across the UK with doctors and nurses on a wide range of projects. I’m now in the technology sector, and I love it!

What traits are required for success?

Team building skills are crucial in consulting, as are influential and selling skills. Also analytical skills, i.e. taking the data, calculating problems and devising solutions.

Do you have advice for students?

Take every opportunity as it comes. In University I would get very nervous about presentations but I did them anyway and now it comes as second nature. Go outside of your comfort zone; that’s what will help you develop, learn and continue to grow.

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